Do compression sports clothes really improve performance?

19 June 2017 @09:04 | The Guardian
Great claims are made for compression leggings, socks, stockings and more. It’s a lucrative market, but what is the evidence for the benefits? Can ultra-tight-clothing make you a better athlete? Well yes, if the UK’s biggest sportswear brands are to be believed. The sale of compression garments across the webpages of Adidas, Under Armour, Asics and more is almost ubiquitously associated with phrases such as “increase muscle power”, “go further and faster” and “optimise performance”. continue...

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Adidas makes strides in key markets
Revenues jump in North America and China as German group chases down rival Nike

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Adidas says large-scale reshoring is ‘an illusion’
Sports shoe maker says vast majority of its manufacturing will remain in Asia

Adidas under fire for email congratulating runners for surviving Boston Marathon
The sportswear giant has since apologised.

Adidas apologises for 'you survived Boston Marathon' email
The sportswear apologises for an email praising runners who "survived" the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Adidas sorry for Boston Marathon marketing gaffe
'Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon'